Student-Teaching Handbook

Student Teaching is a culminating experience which is often identified as the most important part of a Teacher Education program. Because Student Teaching is the time of transitioning from pre­-service to in-service teaching, professional behaviors, conduct, and actions are required. UIUC pre-service Teacher Candidates are obligated to know the school district and building policies and to observe them throughout the entire Student Teaching experience.

STUDENT TEACHING IS A FULL-TIME COMMITMENT! As a result, Student Teachers may not take additional coursework outside of the FLTE program during clinical practice nor should they plan to be employed. Prospective Student Teachers who anticipate the need to take additional coursework and/or work during the semester of Student Teaching should discuss this with their advisor and the FLTE Program Director prior to registering for any coursework or setting a work schedule.

FLTE pre-service Teacher Candidates should consult with their University Supervisor and/or the FLTE Program Director regarding questions, concerns, or additional clarification of the following and all expectations.

The following CoTE expectations apply to all UIUC Student-Teachers. Also, all UIUC Student-Teachers must comply with any other program-defined policies in addition to these listed below. In this document, the word "student" refers to P-12 learners. The terms "Teacher Candidate" and "Student-Teacher" are used synonymously.