Can I take FLTE courses without having been admitted into the program?

Even though you might be able to enroll in the courses using Banner, students cannot successfully complete FLTE courses without doing Early Field Experience hours, and for us to place you with a Cooperating Teacher, you need to be admitted into the program. Please consult the information in the Admissions page to learn more about how to apply.

Students who enroll in FLTE courses without having been admitted into the program will be told to drop the course and meet with the corresponding language advisor who will guide them in the application process. 

As for other courses that FLTE students have to take (e.g., EPOL, EPSY, SPAN, etc.), you would need to check with the corresponding Department.

What type of teaching license do we obtain?

If you successfully complete all requirements, you will obtain a Professional Educator License, issued by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and you will be able to teach Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Can I get an endorsement to teach a different subject while completing the program?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that endorsements require additional coursework and tests, depending on the subject area. Please consult the ISBE page for more information about requirements for various endorsements.

When are we notified of our school placements?

For Early Field Hours required as part of FLTE 471, 475, and 478, you will be notified no later than the second week of classes of the corresponding semester. Please note that the placement process requires the consent of the Cooperating Teacher, the approval by the School Principal, and successful completion of any requirements set by the district (e.g., background check), and therefore, there may be unexpected delays. 

For Student-Teaching, you will most likely continue working with the same Cooperating Teacher you had in the Fall. If you need a new placement, you will be informed of it before the end of Fall semester.

During student teaching, are we on our own from day 1?

No, you will continue working with your Cooperating Teacher. You will discuss with them when you should "take over." The exact date of "take over" will not be the same for everyone, but you should plan on taking over during the first 3-4 weeks of classes. Please note that you are required to follow the calendar of the school where you are placed, and not the UIUC calendar. So, for example, if the school where you are placed for Student Teaching starts classes on January 4, that's when you should be there.

We hold a Student Teaching Orientation in Fall semester, where we give you more information about "taking over," but rest assured it doesn't mean you will be left all alone. Your Cooperating Teacher will still be there, and you will also be working with a University Supervisor who will observe your class and provide guidance.

Can I re-take the content test, the OPI, or the edTPA if I don't pass the first time?

Yes. However, there may be additional costs and restrictions associated with re-taking each of those assessments. Furthermore, it could create delays that may jeopardize your ability to obtain your teaching license by the time you graduate.

Please note: the policies and costs for re-taking these assessments are determined by the company that administers them. The FLTE program has no control over that! 

Are there alternative assessments that can be taken instead of the OPI, content test, or edTPA?

No. Those are the required assessments for licensure in Spanish, French, and German. In the case of Latin, the content test and the edTPA are required, but there is no OPI for Latin.

By when do I need to have passed the OPI, content test, and edTPA?

You need to have passed the content test before you can begin student teaching.

You need to have passed the edTPA (for all languages) and the OPI (for Spanish, French, and German) before you can be issued your teaching license.

The edTPA needs to be completed during your last semester (while student-teaching), but the OPI can be taken before student-teaching, and we highly recommend that you do so.

Who scores my edTPA?

The edTPA is scored by trained, external assessors. No FLTE or other University of Illinois faculty has input into the scoring of FLTE submissions.