About FLTE

The Foreign Language Teacher Education (FLTE) program is a teaching licensure program open to students interested in teaching FrenchGermanLatin, and Spanish

Why should you consider a career in language teaching?

  • The demand for K-12 teachers is at an all-time high, and the demand for language teachers in particular continues to grow at a steady pace, as more and more school districts expand the number of language courses offered at all levels. 
  • Language teachers truly shape the next generation, not only by giving students the ability to communicate with more people, but also by fomenting respect and appreciation for diversity and multiculturality.
  • Helping students acquire a new language entails lifelong cognitive benefits for them, and it also prepares them for success in college and in the workplace. 
  • Language classes become their own micro-communities, where teachers and students form strong bonds with each other as they share information about themselves, engage in creative tasks, and discover new content together.


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