Before Beginning the Application Process

While most graduate students who undertake the licensure program are already seeking a MA in French, German, Latin, or Spanish, University of Illinois graduate students in any discipline are welcome to apply.

Please set up a meeting with the Director of the FLTE Program to discuss details about the structure of the program for graduate students. See contact information in the Faculty and Staff page.


Application documents

Once you have met with the Director of the FLTE Program, we will provide you with the application packet, which requires you to submit all of the following:

  • Primary application form with your information. 

  • Answers to a series of dispositional questions.

  • Graduate audit request form, along with transcripts.

  • Copy of your résumé. Be sure to include any education-related or language-related experiences or jobs that you have had.

  • OPI score of at least Intermediate-High, if you plan to teach Spanish, French, or German (not required for Latin).