Before Beginning the Application Process

If you are an undergraduate student interested in becoming a language teacher, the first thing you need to do is meet with the advisor for the language you wish to teach. We cannot start the application process if you have not met with the corresponding advisor.

During that meeting, you should do the following 2 things:

  • Have your DARS approved by the language advisor. Please note: A GPA of at least 2.5 is highly recommended to be considered for admission into the program.
  • Create an 8-Semester Plan with the language advisor and have them sign it. It is one of the required documents in the admissions packet (see full list below).

To contact the undergraduate Spanish advisor, please visit this advising page.

To contact the undergraduate French advisor, please visit this advising page

To contact the undergraduate German advisor, please visit this advising page.

At this time, those are the only languages for which we offer licensure if you are an undergraduate student.


Application documents

After your meeting, the language advisor will send us an email requesting a copy of the application packet for you, which requires you to submit all of the following:

  • Primary application form with your information. 

  • Answers to a series of dispositional questions.

  • 8-semester plan with advisor's signature.

  • Copy of your DARS Report. If you have questions about the DARS report, please contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office.

  • Copy of your résumé. Be sure to include any education-related or language-related experiences or jobs that you have had.