The Foreign Language Teacher Education (FLTE) program is a teaching licensure program open to undergraduate and graduate students interested in teaching French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Please note: Latin is only offered for graduate students at this time.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and wish to obtain your teaching license without pursuing a graduate degree, you may do so as a non-degree-seeking student. Please set up an appointment with the FLTE Program Director to discuss this option.

Regardless of degree level, the FLTE program is a three-semester sequence of professional education courses and school-based clinical experiences, and the sequence always begins in the Spring. For undergraduate students on an eight-semester plan, the sequence begins Spring semester of their junior year. For undergraduate students on a 5-year plan, the sequence begins Spring semester of their fourth year.

Below is a general overview of the three semesters:

  • Semester 1: take FLTE 471 (which includes Early Field Experience hours), plus coursework in Education.
  • Semester 2: take FLTE 475 & FLTE 478 (which include Early Field Experience hours), plus coursework in Education. 
  • Semester 3: Student teaching (EDPR 442: Educational Practice in Secondary Education).

For more information about the specific Education courses you need to take, please visit the corresponding course sequence page: