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The Three Tasks of the edTPA

A complete World Language edTPA portfolio consists of three tasks focused on Planning, Instruction, and Assessment.

The edTPA World Language Assessment Handbook states that the three edTPA tasks represent a cycle of effective teaching. The Planning task documents intended teaching, the Instruction task documents enacted teaching, and the Assessment task documents the impact of instruction on student learning.

The three tasks and the evidence Teacher Candidates provide for them are framed by the Candidates’ understandings of their students and their learning. Teacher Candidates will reflect upon the cyclical relationship among planning, instruction, and assessment with a focus on students’ learning needs.

Submitted edTPA portfolios are assessed on three components of teaching practice:

          • Planning
          • Instruction
          • Assessment

For more information on the edTPA and its tasks, please visit http://edtpa.aacte.org/faq.