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Licensure, Timeline, and Costs

Illinois Initial Teacher Licensure & the edTPA  Since Fall Semester 2015, Teacher Candidates in the state of Illinois are required to pass a teacher performance assessment in order to be eligible for an initial teaching license.

The edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) is designed to determine a Teacher Candidate’s ability to plan and deliver instruction, and ensure effectiveness through an analysis of his/her teaching.

The edTPA is mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and supported by the Council on Teacher Education (CoTE) at the University of Illinois.

For additional details about the edTPA, including timelines and costs, please visit the list of Frequently Asked Questions below.



What type of assessment is edTPA?

edTPA is not a paper/pencil or computer-based test. Instead, it is an electronic portfolio constructed by the Teacher Candidate. It is designed to demonstrate her/his ability to deliver instruction and be effective in the classroom by reviewing her/his actual lesson plans, videotaped teaching samples, student work samples, tests/quizzes constructed by the Teacher Candidate, and responses to questions about key aspects of teaching & learning.

During which part of the FLTE Professional Education sequence should I expect to take the edTPA?

The edTPA takes place during Student Teaching. It may not be undertaken before then.

Are there specific test dates?

The edTPA portfolio submission date for Spring Semester 2020 is Thursday, Feb 27 , 2020.

How soon will I know if I passed?

Scores are reported within 3 weeks of submission of the edTPA electronic portfolio.

What is the minimum passing score?

A score of 35 is the minimum passing score for AY 2019-2020. Currently, there are 65 total points in the edTPA.

Who scores my edTPA?

The edTPA is scored by trained, external assessors. No FLTE or other University of Illinois faculty has input into the scoring of FLTE submissions.

How is the edTPA scored?

Each portfolio is scored individually on a range from 1-5. There is no minimum score for individual rubrics, but Teacher Candidates should aim to achieve a score of 3-4 on each to ensure they earn the minimum cut score of 35.

Do I have the opportunity to re-take the edTPA if I am not successful the first time?

Anyone who does not pass the edTPA is able to re-take it. However, because the edTPA is a performance assessment and all of the rubrics in each task are interconnected, it may be necessary to re-take more than the rubric(s) with the low score(s).

How much does the edTPA cost?

The edTPA costs $300.

How much does it cost to re-take the edTPA?

Re-takes cost $100-$150 per rubric.

Is there an alternative assessment that can be taken instead of the edTPA?

Any Teacher Candidate who desires a teaching license MUST TAKE & PASS the edTPA. No other performance assessment or written test is accepted in lieu of the edTPA assessment.

If I have to re-take the edTPA after I have completed Student Teaching, is it possible to receive my teaching license while I wait on my edTPA scores to be reported?

A passing edTPA score is required in order to be issued a teaching license in Illinois. Along with a grade of S in Student Teaching, a passing score of 35 or higher is required to be eligible for & receive a teaching license.