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According to the edTPA World Language Assessment Handbook, the purpose of the edTPA is to: “…measure novice teachers’ readiness to teach world language. The assessment is designed with a focus on student learning and principles from research and theory. It is based on findings that successful teachers

  • develop knowledge of subject matter, content standards (i.e., ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and ACTFL/CAEP Program Standards for the Preparation of Foreign Language Teachers), and subject-specific
  • develop and apply knowledge of varied students’ needs
  • consider research and theory about how students learn
  • reflect on and analyze evidence of the effects of instruction on student learning

As a performance-based assessment, edTPA is designed to engage candidates in demonstrating their understanding of teaching and student learning in authentic ways.” (edTPA World Language Assessment Handbook, September 2014, 1)

The World Language assessment itself will require candidates to complete the following three tasks, which are explained in greater detail our “Three Tasks of the edTPA” page.

  • Task 1: Planning for Instruction and Assessment
  • Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning
  • Task 3: Assessing Student Learning

For additional insight on the edTPA and what it is, please visit http://edtpa.aacte.org/faq