BAT Application

How Do I Apply to the Program?

The BAT/FLTE admissions application consists of multiple sections, many of which include essays or other extended writing situations, as well as field experience and related reflections.

The list below outlines all the steps an applicant will need to take in order to submit a complete application portfolio for admissions consideration.

Step-by-Step Overview:

STEP 1: Complete the Primary Application Form. This will provide access to the remaining application forms.

STEP 2: Arrange for required field & shadowing experiences according to BAT/FLTE licensure program application guidelines

STEP 3: Begin the remaining online application forms according to BAT/FLTE licensure program guidelines

1 Review & begin drafting dispositions essays
2 Review & complete the 8 or 10 semester plan with the language advisor
3 Download your most current DARS report** to submit with application
4 Revise & prepare the most current version of your résumé

**Your DARS MUST include your Major and Cumulative GPA as of the date on which submit your application.

STEP 5: Upon completion of each field experience, write & review responses to the field experience applicant questions

STEP 6: Review all documents that are required to make a complete admissions application packet

STEP 7: Upload all reviewed and/or revised documents that are required for a complete admissions application and submit them for consideration

If you have questions about the application process, please contact