How Do I Learn More About The Program?

The deadline for admission to the Spring 2020 program is November 15, 2019.

We strongly recommend ALL students who are interested in teaching a foreign language to attend the BAT/FLTE Licensure program admissions information meeting:

◾ Fall 2019 informational meetings will be held October 15 and October 23 – 5 to 6:30 pm – at the Foreign Languages Building – room 2090B.

*If interested students miss the meeting, they can still apply to the program. However, they are encouraged to contact FLTE directly with any questions about the program and/or the application process.

Before Beginning the Application Process:

You MUST complete the following:
1 Meet with the advisor for the language you wish to teach
2 Have your DARS approved by the language advisor
3 Create an 8-Semester Plan with the language advisor

Application materials CANNOT be processed until the completion of the steps listed above has been verified by the language advisor.

NOTE TO TRANSFER STUDENTS: Failure to meet with the language advisor as your first step may hinder your ability to complete the application process in a timely manner.

The following information should be taken into account BEFORE beginning the Field Experience and Shadowing Hours required for the BAT Application:
◾Field experience hours should be completed in a classroom where the sole subject being taught is the language you want to teach. Any field experience completed in a bilingual** classroom WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
◾Any field experience completed in an ESL classroom WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
◾Applicants to the BAT in Latin may complete their tutoring experience in the Humanities, including: English/Language Arts, Social Studies, World/Ancient History, and/or Latin
◾Field Experience and Shadowing Hours completed prior to the equivalent of third-semester enrollment status at the University of Illinois WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
◾Pre-professional experiences completed in high school WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
◾A BAT Application should be begun BEFORE performing any Field Experience or Shadowing Hours. Observation hours are recorded as part of the application process and may not be recorded properly if an application has not been submitted.

**A bilingual classroom is a classroom in which ALL subjects (math, geography, etc.) are taught in both a foreign language and English.

How Do I Apply to the Program?

The BAT/FLTE admissions application consists of multiple sections, many of which include essays or other extended writing situations, as well as field experience and related reflections.

In order to initiate the application process, applicants will first need to complete the Primary Application Form, which is available below.

The Primary Application Form is the first of several required pieces that makes up a complete application portfolio. The list below outlines all the steps an applicant will need to take in order to submit a complete application portfolio for admissions consideration.

Step-by-Step Overview: The BAT Application:

STEP 1: Complete the Primary Application Form. This will provide access to the remaining application forms.

STEP 2: Arrange for required field & shadowing experiences according to BAT/FLTE licensure program application guidelines

STEP 3: Begin the remaining online application forms according to BAT/FLTE licensure program guidelines

1 Review & begin drafting dispositions essays
2 Review & complete the 8 or 10 semester plan with the language advisor
3 Download your most current DARS report** to submit with application
4 Revise & prepare the most current version of your résumé

**Your DARS MUST include your Major and Cumulative GPA as of the date on which submit your application.

STEP 5: Upon completion of each field experience, write & review responses to the field experience applicant questions

STEP 6: Review all documents that are required to make a complete admissions application packet

STEP 7: Upload all reviewed and/or revised documents that are required for a complete admissions application and submit them for consideration

To Begin the Application Process, Please Click Here

If you have questions about the application process,

please contact